Friday, January 28, 2022
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Kickboxing Technique  
Kickboxing is considered as one of the unique sport. Kickboxing has existed for hundreds of years worldwide. In Thailand the modern-day sport Muay Thai evolved from the military training known as Lerd Rit. It is also practiced in Japan, china, Myanmar. In United States kickboxing has its own origin. Some martial artists take it to the next level. And use their skills in life for better conditions around them

There are actually two kinds of Kickboxing. Aerobic kickboxing and kickboxing. Usually aerobic kickboxing is confused with kickboxing which is a popular form of self-defense.

Aerobic Kickboxing is also called, "Boxing Aerobics" or "Cardio Kickboxing." It helps to burn up eight hundred calories an hour. Both types of Kickboxing can help you to work out your lower body as well as your upper body, increase strength, increase energy, reduce your levels of stress and raise your level of self-esteem. Both techniques are great for cardiovascular health, too. Aerobic Kickboxing requires no uniform. There is no specific uniform worn during this work out. Lose clothes are worn so that it does not restrict your movements. Lot of water is drunk in order replenish our body supply. It helps in giving our body a complete workout. Men and women both take part in this workout. It is more enjoyable if it is done with music.

Usually, an Aerobic Kickboxing session consists of four sections or time periods. It is first started with a warming up of body muscles. Next, kicking and punching techniques are learned in the second and third parts. The last and final period of the class is to cool down our body. Five minutes is usually an effective cool down period. A usual routine consists of punches, kicks, and jabs.

Some basics in Aerobic Kickboxing, such as that you need to swivel on the ball of your foot when you are throwing a punch. While turning our knee sometimes it can cause damage to the joint. The kick should be as high as your hip are from the floor. When the kick is raised the non kicking foot should support the body completely. There are some basic stances that are used in Kickboxing. The basic boxing stance is achieved by standing with your feet the same distance apart as your shoulders are wide. A common move is the Hook. The Hook is a punch in which you will turn on your hip or knee while you aim your arm in front of your body, towards the punching bag. The Side Kick is done by starting with the basic kickboxing stance.

Kickboxing has a good status for a complete body warm up.

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