Friday, January 28, 2022
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Sambo - hand to hand combat   
Sambo Self Defense
Sambo Self Defense
Sambo Martial Arts Sambo is one of the forms of Martial Arts. The word Sambo means “Self defense”. Sambo is almost similar to other fighting/self defending arts i.e, Judo, wrestling, karate etc. Vasili is one of the great master and founder of Sambo. However, it is mentioned in the history that the origin of Sambo is Russia in 1930. Sambo is basically designed for self defense and hand to hand combat for red army. The basic step sambo included in Sambo is:

• Strike
• Takedown
• Throw
• Joint lock
• Defense against weapons The Sambo uniform includes:
• Shoes known as sambofki
• Jacket
• Belt and
• Shorts.

The important thing that we should keep in mind before buying these things are that the complete uniform should be of Red or else of Blue color. Every round in the Sambo wrestling takes place for 5-6 minutes.

Different ways to score in Sambo are:
• By holding opponent for 10-20 seconds and
• Throw your opponent.

Even after having so many significant features Sambo is still unknow to the most of the part of world where else another form of Martial art “Judo” is been loved and practiced world wide and have achieved a good rank in the field of sports worldwide.

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