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Judo is Japanese Martial Arts  
Judo Technique
Judo Technique
The founder of Judo was Professor Jiguro Kano who was an 1881 graduate from the Imperial University of Tokyo, Japan. He learned several Ju-jitsu from schools he attended. He was in quest of developing a physical exercise of his own. He took and adopted the best principles of each of the Ju-jitsu system and named it Judo. When translated tto English, this would mean “gentle way”. The founder, Kano’s own interpretation was however, “maximum efficiency”. And another principle of it would be “mutual welfare benefit”.

Kano strongly thought of Judo as a personal art to train the mind and body. He did not come up with it and plan for it to be a public sports competition. Judo, more before than now, was sacred in its own ways. The Judo students at the Kodukan dojo must take and oath and promise that once they start taking Judo, they will not quit unreasonably, they will not dishonor dojo, and that they will not teach it unless given permission. The students would always be first and teachers were second.

What really is this martial art Judo all about? It is a self defense system, and a way to discipline oneself mentally and physically, and is also an Olympic sport. It can help you increase your self-confidence, self-defense, leadership, and also your physical fitness. This has also has helped s greatly in being able to fight even when unarmed.

Judo students enjoyed learning this certain martial arts for over years, their reasons: for fitness, knowledge of self-defense, increased self-confidence, and conditioning. This martial art is practiced and taught with safety kept in mind. More than anything, it is a way of life, the kind of life that stresses respect on others as well as respect to your self. This kind of marital art requires you to be more on the skills rather then to be more oh the strength.

Today, Judo is one of the most well-known martial arts with more than 8 million students all over. Judo continued to grow popular until the Second World War. They refer to those who practice this martial art as judoka. Shaiai or competitions are conducted just like any other sport, with a judge and referee. The randori is the freestyle fighting in Judo.

Just like all the other martial arts or sports out there, Judo too has its requirement. You will need to have supplies, sparring equipments, protective gear, and specialized clothing or uniforms for better movement of the body. Speed and concentration is important in Judo, it is important that the uniforms are not any hindrances to these.

This martial art is not all physical in skills, it aims to teach and promote good attitude and right behavior to instill the proper decorum in its joduka.

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