Friday, January 28, 2022
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Grappling Technique and Grappling Submission  
Each and every modern martial arts artist should be able to comprehend a simple truth- to be complete and a skilled warrior, you will need to be knowledgeable and be functional in at the least essentials of Grappling and also if possible, Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Grappling or Brazilian Jiujitsu is a martial art that has drawn out several influences from a several others and has managed to become a unique entity among the martial artist and all the martial arts enthusiasts as well. This was developed in Brazil by the Gracie Family. It is a fighting style that has taken the world to a storm as the premier combating style.

The main idea of Grappling is to battle and fight from the ground. A fighter is basically trained to come up close and take hold of the enemy or opponent and take them down, bringing them to the ground so that the fighter is able to seek a dominant position.

The fundamentals of course begin with knowing and being able to execute the positions and to have an idea of the possibilities that lies ahead from there on.

The most fundamental and basic positions would include: the guard, half guard, side control, mount, and a few of the variations. Your learning will have to begin with familiarizing yourself with the positions and on how to maintain them.

For you to truly be good in performing Grappling arts, you should not satisfy yourself with performing the stances alone. Just like in boxing, you will need a partner to spar with. To train properly and develop full powers and show confidence in what you do, you should have an equally skilled opponent to practice with. This will also give you the feel of being a true martial artist.

Even if you do not intend to go through Grappling and Brazilian Jiujitsu, to the extent of getting a black belt, it will be great being able to perform at least the basics well enough. You can concentrate on a stand up or striking art, or whatever you want to focus on, as long as you are able to learn it and execute it right. Acquiring a blue or purple belt will surely help you round your skills off and will be enough to have you understand the ground solid enough to be able to hold your own position against the inexperienced and reasonably skilled opponents.

A lot of people have taken Grappling with the intention off just being able to learn and perform the basics. But eventually, most of them find themselves working their way up to achieving a black belt. If your goal however, is only to be skillful enough to be able to understand and grasp the concept of grappling, just keeping your learning within that context, that will be fine too.

The journey of discovering and uncovering the Grappling arts is surely going to make any martial artist a more skilled fighter.

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