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Judo as a Martial Art  
Judo, whose literal translation is “gentle way”, is a Japanese martial art which first started in the latter part of the 19th century. It was pioneered by Professor Jigoro Kano and he based it on Jujutsu, another martial art. . An easily recognizable feature of the game is the competitiveness involved. The objective is often to toss one’s adversary to the ground, force him to surrender by choking or locking the elbow pr by repressing his movements though grappling. Judo also involves strikes and thrusts, though these are not allowed during competition proper but rather on kata or pre-arranged forms only.

Judo pioneered the rank system. This scheme has been assumed by other martial arts. The rank system is based on a person’s knowledge of the game, ability, as well as leadership. The ranks are notified by colors. There are also different ranks for those 17 years old below (juniors) and seniors.

The code of judo includes “mutual welfare and benefit” and also “maximum efficiency”. These principles are with relevance to daily life. The very essence of Judo is to cultivate a person into his best, to do all he can to attain perfection, and essentially imparting something essential to the world.

The techniques in Judo can be classifies into three basic categories: throwing techniques (Nage-waza), grappling techniques, (Katame-waza) and the Atemi-zawa.

The reason for taking up Judo greatly varies. Some people take-up only traditional Judo. Others study to be able to compete and enter tournaments. Judo can also be taken up as a form of self-defense, or as a hobby. Back belters are ones who often take up Judo in all aspects.

An important aspect considered in Judo is the successful execution of techniques. This is often determined by complete body muscular movement, say by the execution of an over-shoulder throw. This aspect also goes for attempting to grapple or topple an opponent. Without the use of proper muscular force, a player may also find difficulty in defending himself. The same principle can also be applies in trying to suppress your opponents joint movements. In context, exerting a strong force requires muscle coordination.

Advanced Judo encompasses a lot of technique. Experts can make use of a wide variety of forces. Though Judo requires force, is not the sole basis of a successful play. If a player incorporates only force, his agility and effectiveness as a play will be largely at stake.

Judo, in 1964, became the first martial art to be incorporated in the Olympic games. There are also a lot of Judo competitions in the world. Points are awarded base on successful throw, pinning down of an opponent, or by tapping out or forcing the opponent to surrender by choking him. A win is signified by an Ippon or perfect point. Half points are called Wazari. Wazari can be awarded for successfully holding back an opponent on the mat for more at least 25 seconds, or by being able to choke an opponent for a while.

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