Friday, January 28, 2022
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Gatka Indian Martial Art Form   
Gatka is an ancient and old martial art form that was passed down to the Sikhs from the Guru Ji’s. This was so that the Sikhs could fight against the injustice and so that they will be able to defend there selves also against the attacks by invaders and most especially from the Moghul armies, over and over again. The aim desired was to be able to convert everyone to the same religion with them at the point of the sword. The Sikhs kept on resisting their attackers even though they were outnumbered in most cases, they still fought battle again the enemies and attackers.

From the early days of the Sikhs, they were encouraged by the Guru Ju’s to maintain a healthy mind and body. It was quite common for the Sikhs to stay fit by performing and participating in wrestling matches. The 6th Sikh Guru however, was the one who as formally able to introduce weapons to the Sikhs for their training- Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. The 5th Guru, Sri Guru Hargobind Sjib Ji’s father, was able to obtain martyrdom. It was a consequence to it, having the Sikhs to be always it and to train and practice with their weapons regularly. These practices with weapon and training to stay fit were done in conjunction and never in isolation, and also with prayers daily.

Gatka is a type of martial arts which primarily makes use of weaponries such as swords, sticks, daggers, and spears. The physical movements actually done can be described as smooth, circular, and flowing in nature. Aggression is rarely evident or witnessed in Gatka since it is closely linked to spirituality. Calmness on the mind plays a big role in order for one to perfect this martial art form.

Gatka is a martial art the is very fast and fluidly performed. The muscle power required s minimal compared to the other forms of martial art since it is circular in movement. Hand and feet allow the weapons like stick to be in constant motion, as a result, the weapons obtain their own momentum. The movements in attacking are centered in target hits which after hitting, one can return to his original position (or another position which is safe) with the same speed and also with elegance and grace as the movement going outward. The counter attacks are immediate response focused on the weaknesses of the enemy or opponent.

Gatka is predominantly and in overall, a weapon-based martial art. The weapons taken or used can be of two types: the shastar which means weapons that are handheld or astar as to mean projectile weapons.

During training, a Gatka student will mainly make use of bamboos canes (sothi’s) in various lengths, for safety reasons, as they try to perfect different combat training techniques.

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