Friday, January 28, 2022
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Jogo do Pau’s Martial Arts  
Jogo do Pau
Jogo do Pau
Jogo do Pau is a game which is called stick fencing; it is also a martial art in Portuguese which progressed focusing on making use of fixed measures and characteristics of a staff. The origins of Jogo do Pau are uncertain, but whatever or wherever its origins are, its only purpose was first and foremost in self defense. This was also made use to straighten out accounts, arguments and affairs of reputation between individuals, families and villages.

Jogo do Pau’s popularity in martial art was because of the northern folk, who have been valuing personal and family reputation as much as necessary to take a life for it. It was also because of getting a hold of a staff for a support in walking. There is a strong proof that the method has most certainly results from the dance in India, which have been introduced and modified after discovering it, a probable reason for this is that it was never practiced; whichever verifies to be the truth.

In trying to learn the moves, you should be able to hold the staff with both of your hands together and not being overlapped then place them above you head pointing upwards. From this structure, you should be able to let the staff fall forward and downward on just one side on the non dominant hand’s side and also in the other side repeatedly. This supports a circular movement where in the staff travels downwards In the second half of the circle when going forward.

After repeatedly doing the same movements over and over again, do the same starting posture, but this time around let the staff fall backwards. This will give another circulation movement that puts the staff upwards as it goes upwards in an ascending strike. Note down that these first two maneuvers the arms are kept bended at all the time. Even though they are just maneuvers, they would get the feel in how to complete the rotational movements with the staff and not the definite strikes.

This kind of line of attack will build a perspective that aims according to the aim’s location, a definite kind of strike is requested for, thus bringing to mind to begin the strike’s circulation to the other side of the aim and at the same time putting the forward arm with the preferred angle. For that reason, this will permit practitioners to perform the strikes while minimizing their function and having the strikes pour in a natural method.

Do not be like a robot in executing the actions rather be an actor in doing the movements. In conclusion, by putting yourself in the right striking space at the start of the drill, execute Jogo do Pau with no stepping actions. Use this kind of practice step to focus on the strikes while being adapted with the distance of striking.

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