Friday, January 28, 2022
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Self Defense with a Bayonet (Jukendo)  
Are you a person who seems to love playing different kind of games? Have you ever been attacked and did not know what to do? Want to gain knowledge of a sport in self defense? Then go you try the game of jukendo. It would be both entertaining for you and your friends and as well as to gain knowledge of self defense. It is a protection for you and it is also a kind of martial arts.

Martial arts are studied for different reasons, may it be to beat you opponent or for defending yourself or just for threat to other people. Many different kinds of martial arts are being practiced competitively, most commonly known as combat sports, but it also takes form from dances.

Every style of martial arts has a special kind of feature that aims it to be different from other martial arts. A common distinctive for this is the systemization of battling methods. Techniques of training differ and may involve an official sets or schedules of methods. These structures are particularly usual in the Asian.

Jukendo is a kind of martial art in Japanese of fighting using a bayonet. Jukendo was developed after the ending of World War II in order to allow the devotees of the armed forces bayonet practice to go on with their training in the structure of an ordinary game. The foundations of the present game came since Toyoma Military Academy.

The present jukendo makes use of a mokujo, it is a replica of a rifle made up of wood with an attached and dulled bayonet on the end. The game has lot of unique kata as do nearly all other present Japanese games, to be trained. There is as well a battle structure with national contests around Japan. All through the contests, players wear the usual armor worn by kendo players.

The thrust is the no more than the only structure of attack in the game of jukendo. The places to aim are the throat, left upper chest, left side, and back of the left hand. You do not swing the rifle made up of wood nor grasp the edge of it. When you thrust your opponents, the power of the return directly blows the bone with grasping the handle of the rifle made up of wood. You should take the possibility of this kind of fracture into reflection when you see a person playing jukendo with pain on his right palm.

So here you can read what jukendo is all about. Bring out the combating strength of mind in you and practice jukendo. You can train or practice with your friends, colleagues or you family. It is also at the same time learning for the fun and training for self defense.

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