Friday, January 28, 2022
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Arnis is another Martial Arts Form  
Modern Arnis is the coordination of martial arts in Filipinos discovered by Remy Presas as a self defense method. His goal was to build a training method that does not harm each other as well as a successful self defense method in order to protect the older Arnis methods. The name Modern Arnis was used by Ernesto Presas, Remy Presas’ younger brother. Modern Arnis is to describe the manner of martial arts in Filipinos. It was derived mainly from traditional Presas family method of the bolo and stick fighting art, with of course influences from the Japanese and Filipino martial arts.

One of the distinctiveness of martial arts in Filipinos is making the use of weapons from the very start of practice. The main weapon is the rattan stick, also called a cane or baton, which differs in size. In cooperation the single and double stick methods are being taught, with an importance on the previous; without armed defenses against weapons of blade and stick are also parts of that curriculum.

It was said that it was originally considered holy by practitioners and as a result an arnis trainee is being expected to hit the cane at the hand or the forearm of the other person. This also has an advantage in making your opponent drop his stick so that he will be less of a threat to you. On the other hand, it discouraged a lot of people who would want to learn because they found out that it might be too painful or they might get injured. To the result that the martial arts in Filipinos was in danger of dying; in several places in the Philippines, martial arts in Japanese was much more famous that the native system of arnis.

Remy Presas’ reconstruction of the training technique was planned to help out protect the martial arts in Filipinos. He trained the technique of striking cane on cane throughout practice, which engrossed more people to Modern Arnis and also permitted it to be taught in the schools of the Philippines.

Practice covers up empty hand self defense as well as the single and double stick methods of martial arts in Filipinos. Other features if Modern Arnis involves the sword and dagger combating, double stick weaving method and locking drills with your stick. In addition in partner drills, Modern Arnis involves the use of kata, one person performs with or with no stick. Importance is being placed on fitting the Modern Arnis in with the student’s earlier practice, effortlessly reacting to the change in situations during fights and opposing the opponent’s challenge to oppose strikes toward at him. The people training Modern Arnis are called arnisadors or Modern Arnis players.

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