Friday, January 28, 2022
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Rules in Kickboxing  
Kickboxing is a sport in which martial-arts-style kicks are employed together with boxing-style punches to overcome an opponent. It is practiced generally as a full contact sport. This is a worldwide sport so it has many varieties such as the Japanese, American, Indian, Burmese and French.

Just like any game or sport, there are rules that need to be remembered in Kickboxing. In Japanese kickboxing, the rules come similarly as the Muay Thai rules but with certain differences of course. There are five rounds in one fight and each round run for three minutes. Aside from kicks, elbow and knee attacks are allowed. Kicking to the lower part of the body is permitted except the crotch area. Neck wrestling in which the opponent’s head is folded using the arms and elbows so he can be attacked in the body or head with knee strikes. In 1966, head butts and throws were proscribed for the fighters’ safety. The interval in between rounds takes a minute only. The winner is judged with a point system in which kickboxing punches and kicks are observed with closer regards.

A different set of rules are carried on with American kickboxing. Fighters are allowed to hit using their fists and feet only. In rare occasions, the use of shins is allowed too. These attacks should be made above the belt or hip otherwise no point will be gained or a penalty will be given. Beating with the elbows and knees is completely forbidden. Bouts for amateurs usually have 3 to 12 rounds with each round lasting for 2 to 3 minutes. Professional bouts are held with 1 minute rest after each round. Though these are the standard time duration for fights, it can still change depending on the agreement made by the fighter and manager of both sides. A winner is announced either by a knockout, a technical knockout (when the referee stops the fight) or by submission (when his corner throws in a white towel or the combatant himself withdraws). Generally, American kickboxing is a combination of Karate and Western Boxing.

The European version of kickboxing ruling system is a mixture of the Japanese kickboxing and Muay Thai rules. European kickboxing is categorized into three disciplines: semi contact, light contact and full contact. In a semi contact fighting discipline, the fighters aim to get high scores by using controlled legal techniques done with speed and extensive amount of focus. It is mainly about delivering techniques in its true form and sense with a light and well controlled contact as suggested by its name. Fights under this discipline are held inside a tatami and begin with touch gloves. During a match, each fighter is allowed to have one coach and one second on his corner.

Under the light contact discipline, combatants fight either in a tatami or a ring with very controlled techniques. Full contact attacks are used but these should be controlled carefully when landing on the target. Punching and kicking techniques have equal regards and a round goes on continuously until the referee calls for a break or stops the fight. This discipline is made as an intermediate form between semi and full contact kickboxing.

Full contact kickboxing is a discipline where the goal is to knock the opponent out with techniques delivered in full power and strength. Creating a solid contact is very important to get points. Punching and kicking to the front and side of the head and body are allowed as well as sweeping. This kind of fight is held inside a ring.

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