Friday, January 28, 2022
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Muay Thai: An Exotic Type of Martial Arts  
Muay Thai
Muay Thai
Although Muay Thai has been around roughly since the 1800’s, it is still not as popular as the other forms of martial arts that started in this era especially in the West. Probably, one big reason is the fact that it is not commonly used in Hollywood movies. In Asia however, it is quite as popular as the other forms of martial arts. However, Muay Thai has proven itself over the years to be one of the greatest forms of martial arts. It was also able to prove that it can be taught to people who are willing to learn it. What better way to keep yourself in shape than with an exotic type of martial arts.

To understand the techniques of Muay Thai, you have to be aware of where it came from. It originated in the southeast part of Asia as a form of boxing. This is probably the reason why it is inclined with hand movements and a lot of punches than kicks. It has been taught to the royal staff of Thailand back in the 1800’s. Ever since then, it has been passed on to countless generations and has taken many evolutionary changes to accommodate and stand out from the many forms of martial arts.

Just like the other forms of martial arts, Muay Thai makes use of your upper and lower extremities. For the arms, there are different punching techniques which are indicative of its boxing roots. Your elbows also get a work out as it is also used in this form of martial arts. As for the legs, different types of kicks are also taught. The knees are also used to strike your opponent. It also has foot thrust techniques which includes the simplest kinds such as the straight foot thrust and the complicated kinds such as the jumping foot thrust.

Muay Thai, much like the modern form of kick-boxing, includes lots of body contact. Muay Thai fights definitely contains a lot of action. The rules differ from country to country but the general rules are posted its official site, the World Muay Thai Council. It can easily be accessed by anybody who wants to familiarize themselves with the sport.

Muay Thai is one of forms of martial arts where kick-boxing came from. This means that it is truly one of the greatest legacies of the past that should be preserved will into the future. Hopefully, with the growing number of Muay Thai fighters this will not remain as a vision but as a reality. If you decide to be a part of a sport that is widely recognized is big. But, being a part of a sport which has lasted so many decades is something else.

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