Friday, January 28, 2022
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Taekwondo: Fists and Feet  
Taekwondo was taken and drawn out from a lot of different martial arts, its main influence however was tae-kyon, Korena kick fighting. Taekwondo was formed basically from different words put together, “Tae” meaning to kick and “Kwon” meaning using the hand to strike, in most cases however, the fist is used. “Do” would mean or refer to the way of the art, in example all the other martial arts known like Hapkido, Karate-do, Ninjado, and all the others. Suffice to say, the foundation of this martial art Taekwondo, is the use of the hands and feet to conquer and overcome and opponent quickly.

Firstly, Taekwondo is the better and enlightened way of using “Tae” and “Kwon”, which would mean to say the fists and feet.

Second, Taekwondo is a way or path to control of a battle or fighting situation in such a way that the outcome of that certain situation or result would be peace. This idea was taken from the definition of Tae Kwon – “to put fists under control”. Thud, Taekwondo could be defined as “the right way of using all your body parts to stop fights and help create a world peace”.

Taekwondo came from and originated in Korea in the 1950s. A group of leading martial art exponents gathered together to combine and unify each of their respective disciplines under a single fighting system. The inauguration was held at South Korea on the 11th of April year 1955. Major-General Choi Hong Hi (a 9th dan black belt) was credited and recognized to be the founder. The roots date back almost 2000 years ago however, when it came from an art called hwarang do, which means “the way of the flowering manhood”.

Taekwondo is a move towards martial arts that instills even more than physical fighting and combating skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of growing our spirit life with the use of training our body and mind as well. Nowadays, it has become and grown into a sport known worldwide.

Taekwondo is a lifestyle or attitude about life. What makes Taekwondo unique and sets it apart is that it is an activity for survival in the most life changing situations. One must at all times be able to overcome the enemy that will try to harm in any way.

The goal of Taekwondo is for mental and spiritual growth and betterment in ones life through the uniqueness in its activities and ways. This is the sole reason why one could say that Taekwondo is indeed a way of life and a path you can choose to take. To be able to ultimately allow oneself to live and lead more valuable lives, we would do well in obtaining the principles that guide and make up Taekwondo at its core.

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