Friday, January 28, 2022
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Shaolin Kung Fu: The All Time Number One Martial Art  
Kung Fu
Kung Fu
Wu Shu or most commonly known as Shaolin Kung Fu is a Chinese term which means “martial art”. About 1600 years ago, established on Sung Mountain was the Shaolin Temple of Buddhism which symbolizes the power of Buddhism in China and the domination of Buddhism against other religions. According to some legends, the Shaolin Temple has powerful techniques which would allow people to punch on concrete walls, have a faster rate at healing and regeneration and even walk on the surface of water. These so called techniques are actually martial arts forms and eventually became what is known today as Shaolin Kung Fu.

The martial art Shaolin Kung Fu is basically a collection of the martial arts of the Chinese. Kung Fu claims to be related with the Shaolin Monastery, which only history could prove. With a philosophical basis that of combined Taoism and Buddhism, Kung Fu aims to follow the way of Nature and be one with the Universe and himself. Hard and soft styles are very much present in Kung Fu, both of which teaches the importance and uses of throw, grappling holds, weapons, and self defense. With these styles combine, Shaolin Kung Fu is indeed a very complex system of combat and is broader than any other styles. It shares same characteristics and is similar in a way to Japan’s Jiu Jitsu and Korea’s Hapkido. But with all the wars and disasters which took place centuries ago, people slowly forgot about the ancient martial art that was considered to be the foundation of martial art.

In our present times, Shaolin has been seen on TV, cartoons, video games and other media. Although much of these publications are commercialized only it has been a great help to preserve Kung Fu and the culture of the Shaolin Temple. Other than for commercial purposes, Shaolin Kung Fu is used in fighting. It is very rich in techniques and is a very effective fighting technique and can be used to defend one’s self in case of emergency. It is safe to say that Kung Fu is a martial art, practically a self defense which is mixed with a training that will exercise both the mind and the body. For Kung Fu to be successful, a person should have first and foremost a healthy body to work with. He should also have balance, coordination, breathing, character and a focused mind to avoid interruptions.

History tells us on how Shaolin Kung Fu originated and started and became the foundation of what is known today as Martial Arts. Even today, it still remains to be the most powerful form of martial art in the whole world. Popular martial arts which exist today are only variations of Kung Fu, some of these are the Karate, Judo, and Tai Kwan Do. Indeed, no one can beat the number one martial art in the world.

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